I founded Finnesse Craftsmen Inc in 1990. I started out in the new construction industry installing trim, doors, windows and staircases. I also framed and sided custom homes with a crew of employees. But in 2000, I discovered the joys and challenges of remodeling.


I truly love the wide variety of skills and trades that go into each remodeling project. I enjoy the challenge of taking a client's dreams and ideas and incorporating them seamlessly into their existing home. I have designed and remodeled many kitchens, bathrooms and basements. I have built full additions along with a variety of other miscellaneous projects and even several furniture pieces. I am very flexible and am always open to changes as the project starts to unfold until completion of the project.


I have worked on many older homes particularly in the Lincoln neighborhood, north of downtown Vancouver. And so I have experience in integrating the new remodel with the existing structure so that they blend together in keeping with the period in which the house was built.


Throughout the construction process, you will work with me. I do not have multiple crews, or hire additional workers to keep up with my workload. I will design your project, bring in trusted associates to work along side of me in their respective areas of expertise such as electrical and plumbing, and shepherd each step of your remodel myself resulting in exceptional attention to quality and detail.


I look forward to transforming your home.


Jay Lepisto

Jay Lepisto

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